North American Elite Girls Hockey
July Development & Showcase
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NAE is excited for our second July Development & Showcase!

  • Dates - July 22nd - July 24th, 2024
  • Location - Haverhill Valley Forum
  • Format - development sessions and game situations.

This 3 day event is designed to improve players individual ability and team play. The showcase will be a combination of development sessions run by our NAE directors and staff, as well as competitive small game situations. Our sessions will focus on the NAE programs core principles and concepts through isolated sequences and patterns with constraints that will also be blended into game like situations. Players will be challenged and encouraged to make plays, solve problems and play with intent throughout every session. 

Player Development sessions will focus on:

  • skating protocol and agility
  • creating time and space with the puck
  • movement patterns away from the puck
  • offensive skills such as shooting, passing, possession
  • defensive skills such as making stops, angling and take-a-ways
During the small area games, there will be constraints and restrictions that allow players to incorporate skills from our development sessions. Players will be in situations where they have to make decisions and solve a problem. The focus will be on:
  • creating time and attacking space
  • creating numerical advantages and manipulating defenders
  • improving puck possession with the purpose of increasing score opportunities

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